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The University of Richmond's computer science program offers students a framework for understanding computer technology and its mathematical foundations.

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Congratulations to our honors students on their successful presentations: Ting Chen, Jing Dong, Xiaodi "Sara" Hu, Vadim Kudlay, and Aalok Sathe.

Congratulations to Aalok Sathe, recipient of the 2021 Mary Church Kent and Joseph F. Kent Computer Science Award.

Congratulations to Xiaodi "Sara" Hu, recipient of the 2021 Outstanding Computer Science Student in Acadmics.

Congratulations to Vadim Kudlay, recipient of the 2021 Outstanding Computer Science Student in Research.

Congratulations to Sreya Aluri, receipient of the 2021 B. Lewis Barnett III Award for Outstanding Service in the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science.

Beginning Fall 2020, Computer Science majors may choose to add a concentration in Data Science and Statistics.

If you are a first year student, and intend to major in computer science, write to to request addition to the list serv.


Faculty Highlights

  • Wares Published

    Joanna Wares, chair of the Department of Math & Computer Science and associate professor of mathematics, published "Predicting the Impact of Placing an Overdose Prevention Site in Philadelphia: A Mathematical Modeling Approach," in the Harm Reduction Journal

  • Park Published

    The paper "Analyzing Cultural Assimilation through the Lens of Yelp Restaurant Reviews," by Ting Chen and Joonsuk Park, was accepted for publication in the Proceedings of the 8th IEEE International Conference on Data Science and Advanced Analytics (DSAA). 2021.

  • Szajda Interviewed

    Doug Szajda, associate professor of computer science, was interviewed by UR Now about voting security and the integrity of elections. Read the interview here.

  • Park Awarded

    Joonsuk "Jon" Park, assistant professor of computer science, received a $104,500 award from the Thomas F. and Kate Miller Jeffress Memorial Trust for his research project, Understanding the Impact of Argumentative Structures on Helpfulness of Online Product Reviews.

  • Park published

    Joonsuk Park, Assistant Professor of Computer Science, and UR students Aalok Sathe, Salar Ather, Tuan Mahn Le, and Nathan Perry recently published Automatic Fact-checking of Claims from Wikipedia. Park will present the paper at LREC 2020 in May.

  • Bhakta Awarded $100K Grant

    Dr. Prateek Bhakta was awarded a $100,000 grant for research on making sure donated livers reach those who need them most.

  • Arnold Publishes New Book

    A Computational Approach to Statistical Learning (February 2019; CRC Press) with Mike Kane (Assistant Professor of Biostatistics at Yale) and mathematician Bryan Lewis. 

  • Tilton, Arnold Grant

    Rhetoric professor Lauren Tilton and mathematics professor Taylor Arnold received a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities to develop software that will analyze how moving images such as film, television, and news broadcasts shape cultural norms.

  • Krehbiel Grant

    Dr. Sara Krehbiel and her collaborator, Rachel Cummings, just received a research grant from Mozilla for their work on the project, Differentially Private Analysis of Growing Datasets.

  • Denny Article

    Computer science professor Jory Denny, with Kaiwen Chen, '18, and Hanglin Zhou, '20, published “A Topology-based Path Similarity Metric and Its Application to Sampling-based Motion Planning,” in Proceedings of the 2018 IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems.

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