The effects of computer science on the world are hardly hidden. The advent of the computer has brought sweeping changes to business, economics, science and technology. It has also revolutionized daily life—from how we bank, cook and shop to how we work and interact with family and friends. Computer science students aren’t just learning about the computer systems that will allow us to maintain our current lifestyle; they are learning the fundamentals of the field so they can push boundaries and develop the breaking technologies that will continue to improve how we live.

The computer science program prepare students exceptionally well for careers or graduate study. Students who have interests in other science programs find that both the mathematics and computer science degrees dovetail nicely to other scientific disciplines. The department offers academic contests, a colloquium series, summer research, independent study projects and study abroad opportunities that round out the degrees, preparing students for some of the fastest growing and highest paying occupations in the United States.

Two students standing in front of a wall of paper notes, graphs, and images. One student points toward the wall while speaking to the other student.

Data Science & Statistics Concentration

Computer Science majors may choose to add a concentration in Data Science and Statistics. Data Science is an emerging interdisciplinary field that uses scientific methods, processes, algorithms, and systems to extract knowledge from data. The Data Science and Statistics (DSS) Concentration for Computer Science majors at University of Richmond is designed to supplement the major, grounding the student with a solid theoretical foundation while building the strong analytic skills that are needed to work with large and/or complex data sets. The DSS concentration prepares students for graduate study in the statistical sciences and supports students who aim for careers in any emerging area of data science.