Transferring Courses

Important: Complete this process before you enroll in the course you want to transfer. For futher information about transfer courses, consult the Registrar's Office Transfer Work Approval page

If you wish to receive transfer units for computer science courses taken at another college or university, keep in mind these criteria:

  • Credit may transfer only for courses that are comparable to courses offered at UR.
  • We generally do not approve transfer units for online courses.
  • You must earn a grade of C (2.0) or better in the transfer course.
  • No transfer units will be officially accepted or recorded until the UR Registrar's Office has received an official transcript directly from the records office of the college or university attended.
  • Only coursework taken at institutions accredited by a regional accrediting agency at the time the work is taken will be considered for transfer. It is the student's responsibility to verify that an institution is regionally accredited.

Steps in the Approval Process

1. Submit one of the following forms: 

   -For non-study abroad courses, students must complete a Transfer Work Approval Online Form on the Registrar's Office online forms page. 

   -For study abroad courses, students must complete the Study Abroad Course Approval Form.

Instructions on how to complete and submit the forms are included with each form.

2. If transfer credit for a course is not approved, a student may always submit an additional transfer request for other courses.

3. The student must also arrange for the institution where the course was taken to send a copy of your official transcript to the UR Registrar's Office.

Guidelines for Transfer Credit Approval

The Department of Computer Science does not grant units for courses that are primarily applications oriented (for example, courses on using various Microsoft Office applications) or for web design courses. To receive transfer credit, an introductory computing course must be substantially similar to CMSC 150. Appropriate courses deal primarily with problem-solving through the writing of computer programs in some high-level language such as Java, C, C++, Python, etc.