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Independent Study

Pursuing an independent study program is a great way to explore a topic of particular interest while earning academic credit. The best way to arrange an independent study is to begin talking to professors who study topics about which you’re interested in learning more. Once you have found a professor to work with and have decided on a topic, submit an independent study application to the department so that you can receive credit for the course. Computer Science majors are required to take three additional 1-unit CMSC electives at the 300 level. Without departmental approval, no more than one of these courses can be an Independent Study course.

Topics computer science students have pursued in the last several years include:

  • “Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning” with Dr. Arthur Charlesworth
  • “Introduction to Python Using Robots” with Dr. Barry Lawson
  • “Developing Application for Hand-Held Devices” with Dr. John Hubbard
  • “Detection of Malicious Java Script in Webpages” with Dr. Doug Szajda
  • “Logic-based AI Software Development” with Dr. Arthur Charlesworth
  • “Graphics-Based, Discrete-Event Simulation” with Dr. Barry Lawson
  • “Shell Coding” with Dr. Doug Szajda
  • “Developing Homology Assignment Tools” with Dr. Barry Lawson
  • "Chip Multiprocessors" with Dr. Kelly Shaw
  • "Balancing Responsiveness and Power Consumption in Real Time Operating Systems" with Jim Deverick
  • "PyAM:  Investigating Analogic Reasoning" with Dr. Arthur Charlesworth
  • "Matching Software to the Best Architecture" with Dr. Kelly Shaw
  • "Mobile Application Development" with Dr. Lewis Barnett

Topics mathematics students have pursued in the last several years include:

  • “Mathematical Modeling of Epidemics” with Dr. Joanna Wares
  • “Second Order Nonlinearity” with Dr. James Davis
  • “The Position Value in Game Theory” with Dr. Kathy Hoke
  • “Models of Plasmid Dynamics” with Dr. Lester Caudill
  • “Carlet Bounds in Reed Muller Codes” with Dr. James Davis
  • “Medial and Boundary Geometry: Applications of Laguerre Geometry” with Dr. Michael Kerckhove
  • “Statistical Methods,””Biological Statistics,” and “Survival Analysis” with Dr. Jason Owen
  • “Reed Muller Codes and Nonlinearity” with Dr. James Davis
  • “Operators on Hilbert Spaces” with Dr. William Ross
  • “Models of Oncolytic Virus Transmission” with Dr. Joanna Wares
  • “Difference Sets and Projective Geometrics” with Dr. James Davis
  • "Error Correcting Codes" with Dr. James Davis
  • "Topology" with Dr. Van Nall
  • "Calculus of Manifolds" with Dr. William Ross
  • "Mathematical Modeling in the European Union" with Dr. Kathy Hoke