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Dr. Kelly  Shaw
Dr. Kelly Shaw
Associate Professor of Computer Science

Kelly A. Shaw. "Organizing Your Research and Developing Your Research Skills" in IEEE Potentials, vol. 33, issue 3, pp. 17-22, May/June 2014.

Wenhao Jia, Kelly A. Shaw, and Margaret Martonosi. "MRPB: Memory Request Prioritization for Massively Parallel Processors" in the 20th IEEE International Symposium on High Performance Computing (HPCA), February 2014.

Wenhao Jia, Kelly A. Shaw, and Margaret Martonosi. "Starchart:Hardware/Software Optimizations Using Recursive Partitioning Regression Trees" in the 22nd International Conference on Parallel Architectures and Compilation Techniques (PACT), September 2013.

Wenhao Jia, Kelly A. Shaw, and Margaret Martonosi. "Characterizing and Improving the Use of Demand-Fetched Caches in GPUs" in the 26th International Conference on Supercomputing (ICS), June 2012.

Ivan Jibaja and Kelly A. Shaw. "Understanding the Applicability of Chip Multiprocessor Performance Optimizations on Data Mining Applications" in the 2009 IEEE International Symposium on Workload Characterization (IISWC).

Shaw, K.A. (2008) Understanding the Working Sets of Data Mining Applications. Eleventh Workshop on Computer Architecture Evaluation using Commercial Workloads (CAECW-11). Feb. 2008.

Shaw, K.A., & Dally, W.J. (2002) Migration in Single-Chip Multiprocessors. IEEE Computer Architecture Letters. Volume 1, Nov.

Additional Publications

Kelly A. Shaw. "Getting Started in Undergraduate Research" in IEEE Potentials, vol. 32, issue 3, pp. 9-17, May/June 2013.

Ph.D., Stanford University
M.S., Stanford University
B.S., Duke University
Contact Information
220 Jepson Hall
(804) 287-6492
Areas of Expertise
Computer Architecture
Parallel Architectures
General-Purpose Graphics Processors (GPGPU) Workload Characterization
Workload Characterizations