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Faculty Research Projects

Lewis Barnett

  • Identifying birds by species and individual characteristics from digital images
  • Identifying chronic effects of neurotrauma in eye tracking data (with Drs. Joanna Wares, Kathy Hoke and Christine Kohnen)
  • Various web-oriented software technologies, including the following recent projects:
  • a file archiving application for the One Laptop Per Child platform
  • a web front-end to allow students to search a database of summer research and graduate study opportunities

Art Charlesworth

  • Computer-Created Human-Comprehensible Logic Games, Artificial Intelligence research.
  • Investigation of Human Comprehension of Numbers (Cognitive Science research with Dr. David Landy)
  • Additional comprehensibility-related research in AI, logic, computer science, and mathematics

Sara Krehbiel

  • Database privacy
  • Algorithmic game theory
  • Cryptography

Barry Lawson

  • Agent-based simulation of antibiotic resistance in a hospital ward (with Lester Caudill, Mathematics)
  • Agent-based simulation of sponge:symbiont relationships (with April Hill and Malcolm Hill, Biology)
  • Group dynamics in emergent-behavior robot systems (with Don Forsyth, Jepson School of Leadership Studies)
  • Agent-based simulation of antibiotic resistance in a dialysis unit (with J. Wares, E. D'Agata)
  • Growth theories buffering identity threat in CS (with J. Burnette, C. Hoyt, C. Dweck)

Kelly Shaw

  • Exploring the boundaries between hardware and software in parallel architectures including chip multiprocessors and graphics processors
  • Characterizing the resource demands of parallel applications

Doug Szajda

  • Computer Security with a particular emphasis on malware, network security, and distributed system security