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Symbolic Reasoning Field of Study Requirement

Students who are interested in studying computer science often have questions about placement. An introductory computer science class can satisfy the FSSR general studies requirement and in many cases, at least one computer science class will be a prerequisite for other majors. Students should consider:

CMSC 150 if you have little or no recent experience in programming. Regardless of whether you think you might be interested in majoring in computer science or are just fulfilling a prerequisite for another department, this is a good place to start.

CMSC 155 if you have little or no recent experience in programming but are interested in the sciences. Programming principles will be applied to fields like mathematics, physics, astronomy, chemistry, biology, medicine, psychology, economics, political science and engineering. You cannot receive credit for both CMSC 150 and CMSC 155.

CMSC 221 if you have prior programming experience or earned a 4 or 5 on the AP exam. Even without formal test scores, students who have experience writing their own subprograms (functions, procedures or methods), using arrays and searching and sorting algorithms will feel comfortable in CMSC 221.

Students who are concerned about appropriate placement should contact Dr. Lewis Barnett.