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The University of Richmond's computer science program offers students a framework for understanding computer technology and its mathematical foundations.

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Students, don't miss a special Colloquium presentation this Thursday!

Computer science majors Erin Gibbons, Alexandra Badiceanu, Catalina Cumpanasoiu, and Marie Fernandez recently attended the 2014 Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing in Phoenix in October with Dr. Lewis Barnett, faculty. Gibbons won a GHC Scholarship Grant to attend the event.

On Nov. 1, students Becca Funke, Jackson Taylor, Ling Qiu, John Remmes, Josh Armstrong, Nasheya Rahman, Hadi Abdullah, Omar Farooq, and Alexandru Pana participated in the Association for Computing Machinery's Programming Contest, Mid-Atlantic Region.

Computer science majors Andy Choi, Omar Farooq, Pardeep Banwait, and Alexandru Pana teamed up to win the Royal & Company challenge at the RamHacks hackathon at VCU, earning a $1,000 award.

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Faculty Highlights

  • Distinguished Educator Award

    Dr. Barry Lawson was named a 2014 University of Richmond Distinguished Educator.

  • Shaw Publishes Article

    Dr. Kelly Shaw and two coauthors published "MRPB: Memory Request Prioritization for Massively Parallel Processors" in the 20th IEEE International Symposium on High Performance Computing (HPCA), Feb. 2014.

  • Research Featured in Richmond Times-Dispatch

    The Richmond Times-Dispatch published an article on Dr. Lewis Barnett's research working to determine if a computer can be programmed to identify a certain species or a single bird among other similar-looking birds.

  • Charlesworth Paper Accepted

    Dr. Arthur Charlesworth's paper, "The Comprehensibility Theorem and the Foundations of Artificial Intelligence," was recently accepted to appear in Minds and Machines: journal for artificial intelligence, philosophy and cognitive sciences, Vol. 25.

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